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Advantages of contacting Tikona Digital Customer care
about 4 years ago

There are numerous advantages of Tikona digital networks. The best ones of them are enlisted here.

1. Tikona broadband allows its customers to complete their task of uploading and downloading large size files and other multimedia content. Tikona broadband is much faster in operation than another dial upconnections, which will provide you a great experience.


2. The best part of this broadband service is that you don’t need to destroy your home or office interior as it does not need any cable connection or wiring.

3. Tikona broadband takes guarantee of safety and security which you will never get when you are installing a self-WI-Fi.

4. Tikona is the best service for home internet because you can connect hassle free connection to many PCs in your home simultaneously.

5. Tikona provides an anti-virus bundle for your PC along with the basic packages of your internet connection.

6. It has an ultimate speed over all its plans up to 4MBPS and it can provide a superfast download speed of 256kbps.

7. Tikona broadband offers WI-BRO services which consist of so many advantages over simple broadband, including 2 Mbps plans with monthly bill limit. And this is the only services from Tikona which is applicable for postpaid users.

8. Tikona provides its customers a self-care portal through which they can solve their simple problems themselves by the walk-through given on the website. The self-care portal of Tikona can be accessed by https://selfcare.tikona.in

9. Customers do not need to visit Tikona’s office for tasks like bill payment, plan change, configuration setup instructions, etc. because all these can be done by visiting their website http://www.tikona.in

10. Tikona provides an awesome customer care experience for customers query, feedback, and complaints. They have a toll-free number for this purpose 1800-20-94276 and customer care email customercare@tikona.in which can be used to reach them for any kind of problem regarding broadband.
Tikona is increasing its capacity over cities and presently working in more than 25 cities in India. It is one of the broadband companies which holds a wireless access spectrum of MHz andmoving on the 4G spectrum throughout the country. The customer service it provides is more than awesome and hence it has gathered a huge customer base all over India.

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